Our Vision, Mission & Progress



Our goal since our inception as the UKVSAC almost four years ago has been to have a positive impact on any individual that wishes to participate in any or all the activities that are being offered at the Booker T. Washington Community Center. 

We already have in place activities for the youth on Saturdays, open gym for youth and adults, corn hole league, rooms that are being utilized by the American Red Cross Veteran Support Group/ West Virginia Veteran Assistance Program, polling facility for the elections, exercise, creative arts class which are teaching youth how to write poetry, use audio and visual equipment, mix and write music. 

Rooms are currently being rented by individuals and groups for private meetings and parties. 

September 2018 with the assistance of the KCTC and EKPP (Eastern Kanawha Prevention Partnership we began a once a month (3rd Tuesday) free luncheon for anyone in the area with an emphasis on the homeless and those with an addiction problem. We bring in support services to assist those with needs and give hygiene packages to those who may need them.

Fall 2018 with assistance from the Kanawha County Commission and private donors we started the Upper Kanawha Valley Soccer Club. It has begun to grow with the spring season, and we are giving youth in the Upper Kanawha Valley and Lower Fayette County a chance to learn and participate in a sport that builds self confidence and everyone is an equal.

In March 2019 the sponsor of our youth group “WE HAVE POWER”, and four of our youth traveled to Camp Dawson to participate in training for a SADD Chapter at the Booker T. Washington Community Center. The Community Center will have the first chapter in the state of West Virginia not affiliated with a public school.

In January 2019 the WV Extension Services provided cooking classes for individuals who have SNAP cards. The class was successful, and students graduated in March. We are looking forward to providing the facility for additional classes.

December 2018 the Booker T. Washington Drama Club presented its first play. The drama club is opened to anyone ages 7 to 70. The third play will be presented in April 2019 – The Wizard of Oz.

The summer of 2019 we will have our first youth travel basketball team.

We are currently working with the University of Charleston Pharmacy school to provide free testing to anyone in the area with an emphasis on the homeless and elderly at least every other month. 

The first health fair was held in March 2019 by UC.

We currently have individuals participating in fitness classes at the Center.

We have picnic facilities on the grounds of the center and some playground equipment. We also have picnic facilities on the park which we also operate.


We are seeking a partner who would like to utilize this facility for support groups such as AA and NA as well as outpatient mental health and drug addiction services.

We are hoping to provide washers and dryers for those who are homeless to have a facility to clean their clothes.

By summer 2019 we are planning on starting Karate and Jujitsu self defense classes for youth and adults.

Our goals are to: provide an after-school program for children, tutoring, GED classes, and computer learning for adults which enable them to find work in the area.