Veterans Assistance

Serving Those Who Protected Us


It is an honor and a privilege that the Booker T. Washington Community was chosen by the State of West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance and the American Red Cross Service to Armed Forces – Veterans Service Initiative (VSI) to perform outreach to our veterans in the Eastern End of the Kanawha Valley. Both organizations are here the last Friday of every month from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. to help any veteran or their widow with assistance they may need to apply for benefits. 

It is also a time that Veterans can come together and talk over coffee and doughnuts and fellowship with each other.


Listed below is some of the services each organization provides:


State of West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance:

The West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance has a range of resources to help veterans.

Their outreach and field claims offices can assist veterans and their dependents with apply for various state and federal benefits. Benefits and programs include, but not limited to:

* VA Service-Connected Disability Compensation

* VA Disability Pension

* Burial and Cemetery Benefits

In 2017, West Virginia passed a bill to exempt veterans’ military retirement pay from state income tax.

American Red Cross Veterans Service Initiative (VSI)

A wide variety of benefits are available to veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Sometimes, however, a veteran may need assistance with accessing the benefits that he or she has earned. The Red Cross assists veterans and their family member in preparing, developing and obtaining documentation for benefits through:

* Advocacy through Veterans Service Officers (VSOs)

o Advocate for Veterans throughout the benefits claim process

o Identify what benefits are available

o Determine what the eligibility criteria is to receive what benefit

o Identify which government agency is in charge of each benefit

o Provide assistance with employment such as resumes, job searches and referrals

o Ensure that all resources are provided to veterans who are homeless or at risk

o All VSOs are veterans who care and understand

o Follow Up and Follow Through establishing and maintaining a relationship with each veteran.